April 6, 2015

I recently just had a ‘freak out’ moment about this blog and Facebook.  For some reason, I totally forgot how accessible information is over the web and how anybody could stumble upon anything I have published  via these two portals.  I quickly had to take an inventory of what I have been writing about and whether or not I had used my kids/husband/family names.  I forgot that once its out there, it can never be erased.

I guess its kind of continuing on Monica Lewinsky’s TED talk about how accessible information is these days and the boundaries of personal space are lost.  Since signing up for Facebook for this class, I have non stop guilt for people who want to be my friends and I don’t respond.  I have not had the time to personally email them and tell them that the only reason why I am signed up is for the purpose of this class.  I have no desire to share photos with the “worldwide web” and even as I write this post, I am feeling quite paranoid.  I still do not know the ins and outs of how Facebook works and I think that is where some people (especially younger generations) can get caught in something bigger than they had anticipated.  It scares me that children have so much access and so much freedom with the web and the use of cameras.  Monica Lewinsky is right, we need to re-teach compassion, empathy and privacy…


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