Week 6

To Contemplate: the act of thoughtful observation; full or deep consideration; reflection.
I was not able to partake in last weeks Educative Experience but was informed that it was the experience of hot yoga. I have done my share of yoga over the years and have found that the different styles of yoga bring different experiences. I have done Hatha, Meditative, Hot Hatha, Restorative, Bikrams and another style that involved a wooden dowel to concentrate on the feet (the name has escaped me). I don’t think I ever stuck with yoga long enough to be able to contemplate anything but the poses, except for the meditative style. However, with the Meditative yoga and continued mediation practice now, I have been able to contemplate/reflect much more. There is probably not a day that goes by without me thinking what my purpose in life is and what the meaning of life is.
Studying to become an Educator has had me in deep thought about what I can offer to students. Is it meaningful enough? Am I doing for the right reasons? Can I offer changes to a system that I don’t fully believe in? There are moments when I thick I am doing it for the convenience: it allows me to have the same holidays as my kids; its a lot like parenting; its a profession that allows for creativity, music, arts (all things that I love). How will I actually be as an Educator? Will I succeed? What does it mean to succeed? Can I manage a classroom of 22 children? Will I feel overwhelmed and feel like I am fighting for my own cause? Is there enough for support for the children? For me? For the families?
What is my role in life? What will I be remembered for? I would love to be remembered for being part of a change. Someone that was passionate in what she believed in.


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