Week 5

I have been working towards a career in teaching for god knows how long…. I went back to college when I first met my husband in 2006.  I never got my undergrad and was getting bored with just being a secretary. I needed something more meaningful.  So here I am… almost 10 years later!!!!  Things came up along the way, we moved to Abu Dhabi for 4 years, decided to have children – so I have never been able to fully commit to full-time schooling.

So now as a parent, I am discovering even more so, the emotional needs of children.  I cannot fathom trying to manage 22 emotions in one class – is it even possible?  I struggle with how classrooms are set up now and how teachers are expected to manage the children.  With my son’s anxiety issues, I asked if he could have access to the school counsellor. Unfortunately, because of budget cuts, the counsellor only comes in once a month and he has kids that have WAY bigger problems.  So what am I to do?  I need to seek professional help outside, which is fine because we can afford it.  But what about the families that can’t?  I find the system all very frustrating.

My son’s teacher is being very helpful and has come up with some ideas to help with the anxiety.  Right now she is doing a sticker program with him and he is rewarded with a small prize when he has filled up a sheet of paper with stickers.  It seems to be helping, but I see the look on the other kids faces and I can see they are jealous or they cannot quite comprehend why my son is getting the special treatment.  I know the teacher has explained it to the class, because they want to be helpful but I also see the look of disappointment when they don’t get to pick a toy from the prize jar. How do you make the classroom fair?  do you make the classroom fair?  Is life fair?

How are teachers expected to manage feelings for all these kids?  Surely, every child has emotional needs, and are we helping each of them?  Do we just let them figure it out on their own?  Are we taught how to deal with all the different needs in the classroom?  Doesn’t it take an army to raise a family?  That means we need a lot more soldiers to help those kids – and it doesn’t seem like its available.  How do we get the funds to properly teach and supply children with the resources required to develop responsible, honourable citizens?


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