Week 4

First Educative Experience

Today was our first Educative Experience, and I think there was lots of anticipation about what to expect.  I think they did an amazing job and everyone seemed to participate with enthusiasm.

The importance of “Play” was the theme for today and I thought it was presented well.  Our lives today are crammed with so much activity that there is not enough time to just play and have fun.  As much as I am an advocate for free play, both my kids are very busy with extra curricular activities such as hockey, gymnastics, art, music, etc….   (social pressures out there seem to make me feel bad if my kids are not signed up for the next up and coming activity).  Sometimes there are moments when my kids seem at a loss as to what to do when there is nothing scheduled.  They seem unsure of how to actually play because no one or nothing is directing them or telling them what to do.  I think it is almost unnatural for a child to free play these days.  Everything in our world is so constructed and formulated that there seems to be no opportunity for imagination.

Even as an adult now, I am not sure what I do anymore for ‘play’.  I used to enjoy creating/designing/crafting anything, hiking, paddling, running – all things outdoors for that matter!  But I don’t know what happened….. When we were asked to bring something to do during ‘down time’ during todays events, I could not think of one thing.  All I seem to do in my (little) spare time is check emails and Pinterest.  Quite sad when I actually now have a moment to reflect….

It was great to see how todays activities allowed people to feel relaxed and showed pure enjoyment.  I felt like the games broke the ice for getting to know one another and it also let us exhibit our personal strengths without any pressure.  They enabled us to work as teams, to strategize and coordinate ideas.

Whether free or structured, play is an important part of human development.  Children naturally communicate through play, so it is strange that as we get older we have less and less time for it.  It seems to result in so many positive outcomes that it should be part of everyone’s lives no matter how old.


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