Journal Week 2

I love hearing about Teachers and Educators that have impacts on peoples lives.  The story that Professor Bingham posted was inspirational.  I love that that teacher is so dedicated to his students beyond graduation.  How many of you ever experienced that?

It really started making me think about letter writing.  It is such a lost art, along with face to face conversations.  Perhaps I am just showing my age, but I have always been against Facebook partly because I found it so impersonal.  I thought that if someone really wanted to know how or what I was doing, they would just call or ask me out for a coffee… at least that’s what I would do.  I can barely have a conversation on the phone with a good friend.  I need the personal connection with someone face to face.  I enjoy sharing the authentic emotions and expressions of happiness, surprise and sadness – it makes me feel connected.  I think that “connectedness” is missing in our techy world.

I found this little article:

So to answer this weeks question:

“How does our educative experience line up with my own values as a teacher?” And, “How would I implement a similar aspect of my values in my own chosen grade level?”

We haven’t quite decided on what we are doing for our Educative Experience, however, I do feel like we are all headed towards the same direction.  Something that is meaningful and personable… dare I say spiritual?!    Personally, I am always seeking inner peace and constantly looking for ways to calm the mind and soul.  As difficult as it may be, I try to stop in the middle of the mayhem with my kids and just enjoy the moment.  Look in their eyes and appreciate what they are seeing at that very moment.  At least this is what I aspire to do everyday.

The impression I get from our public school system is that there is a timeline of subjects that need to be taught and checked off term after term.  These are required teachables which I don’t necessarily believe are necessary.  I feel like teachers are just trying to get through the curriculum without acknowledging what the children are really interested in.  Unfortunately, I know many teachers on a personal level, that are there to just do their job.  They do it because it’s practical. I don’t actually know anyone who is passionate about teaching or at least passionate in what they teach.

The vision of my future classroom:  it would be small, creative and it would be student led.


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