Journal Week 1

I thought I would start with my “Regimen” for this class, which I suppose is stating my committment to all of you…
As a full-time mother, I am committing to utilize my 2 partial days away from the kids as my days to focus on this class. Those days are Wednesdays and Fridays between 2-3 hours. (Cross your fingers no one gets sick!).
Thinking about Educative Experiences led me to think about my personal experiences and most of them are school related. From what I can remember, I grew up during the time when teachers could still smoke in their classrooms, and there was a real sense of who had the power in the class. Does anyone know of the “English please or Parlez vous Francais s’il vous plait” time? Those were the only 2 languages allowed to be spoken at all times on school property! Its hard to believe that existed in a Vancouver public school…. I have several memories of teachers showing their dominance and aiming to control the children. I remember one teacher, Mr.Hatch, I thought he was the meanest man ever. You know that feeling of helplessness and wanting to run away? Your heart is pounding and your body is overheating? That is how this teacher made me feel on a regular basis in Grade 6 and 7. I remember that so well, that that is what probably made me want to become an Educator. I do not want any child to experience what that man made me feel. The role of an Educator is to teach and inform, not to ridicule and demean.
On the other end of the spectrum, I did have positive experiences. However, those really did not happen until my adult years when I actually decided to conquer my fears of school. Being in University now has provided me with some of the best Educative Experiences and has allowed me to believe that relationships are key to positive outcomes. One of the best experiences was in Educ 252. My professor, Professor Rexe, was very understanding and accomodating to my needs as a mother having to juggle with care for my children and coming up to the mountain to attend classes. She made every effort to find a way for me to always participate and keep me up to date on what was happening. This made me feel valued and appreciated, therefore it was reciprocated. I fed off of her kindness and understanding, which provided me with the eagerness to learn and participate. That experience created a whole new vision of how I would want a future classroom of mine to be like. I do hope some day that classrooms will evolve to be a better place of education. I hope my kids will be part of that positive experience.


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